Skull and Shackles: The Athenian Experience

Ye Loot from S & S, Pt. 2 & 3 (5.21.2017 + 6.24.2017)

So Stew Can't Steal All of It

Drakkar & Stew’s Grand Adventure:
45 gp
Ring of Swimming – Angevine
Wand: Cure Moderate Wounds (Charges ?) -Stew
Mundane (net value = 1315 gp):
Silver Shoe Buckles x3, 5 gp each
Ghoul Wedding Ring, 50 gp
Silver Hatpin, 5 gp
8 Courtier’s Outfits, 30 gp each
Silver Tankard, 30 gp
5 lbs. Pepper, 10 gp
Silver Locket, 45 gp
Chellish Perfume, 3 bottles, 15 gp each
Manticore Spine Chopsticks, 15 gp
Spyglass, 750 gp
Gold Buckle, 25 gp
Pearl Scabbard, 75 gp
3 Obsidian nuggets, 10 gp each
Silver-chased Flask, ?

Battle for The Promise:
311 sp
336 gp
2 Plunder Points’ worth of Silks, Money, and Loot
Bracers of Armor Plus 1 to sell
Hospitality’s Hammock drakkar
Potion: Blur ?
Potion: Cure Light Wounds ?
Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds ?
Screaming Bolts x3 – ?
Scroll: Scorching Ray -/
Tidewater Cutlass (Plus 1 scimitar, CL3, 3 plus best mental stat) drakkar
Wand: Magic Missile, 18 charges -?
Mundane (net value = ~155 gp)
MW Handaxe
MW Cat o’ Nine Tails
Black Adder Venom, 1 dose
Oil of taggit, 8 doses
Composite shortbow, +3 Str
Punching Dagger
6 Gold teeth, 5 gp each
Snuffbox, diamond studded, 100 gp containing a fine gray powder
Wedding ring, 25 gp

Grindylow Lair:
120 gp
+1 Crossbow bolt x4
Besmara’s Tricorn -Lani
Feather Token, Anchor -?
Lesser Bracers of Archery Biff
Wand: Mirror Image, 23 charges Angevine
Whale Skull “Spellbook” = Alter Self, Black Tentacles, Blur, Touch of Idiocy, Vampiric Touch, Color Spray, Enlarge Person, Slow, Daylight, Hypnotism Angevine
Mundane (net value = 2020 gp):
Silver Spearhead
8 4lb Silver Ingots, 20 gp each
Shark Scrimshaw w/12 Gold Rings, 250 gp
Hooked tooth with 6 pearls, 75 gp x 6
Shark Jaw Scrimshaw Fetishes, 250 gp
Walrus Scrimshaw Map of the Shackles, 400 gp
Orca Jaw Harp, 500 gp
5 Silver Buttons, 2 gp each



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