Skull and Shackles: The Athenian Experience

Somewhere in the Shackles

For days (and nights), the Sick Bay hatch is locked to all but Sandara – who creeps in and out with uneaten meals and supplies for the various minor medical emergencies of life at sea.

Through portholes, the clucking and clicking of Polyglot can be heard. Wails, yelps, and delighted cooing punctuate the hushed, rhythmic Mwangi plosives. Less frequently, mechanical noises whirr and thrum.

A cloistered week, then a malnourished Shivikah and Angevine, wig askew, emerge struggling with a heavy, black bundle between them.

“During scheduled downtime, this unit reviews relevant databases.

A scan of Identification and Flag Protocols has determined that this vessel needs a new and unaffiliated private signal before it enters the waters of destination Rickety Squib.

Swab unit Shivikah indicated ability to manufacture textile products from component parts synthesized by this unit.

Flag actualization team utilized specifications from ‘traditional’ private signals of this region and coupled them with a visual representation of the vessel’s current title.

Crewperson Shivikah has most capably interpreted the translation and is now at liberty to return to Swab duties.

Pending approval from appropriate leadership, you may install this signal on the main mast.

Probability of raising suspicion of local populace is reduced by 37% when the scenario considers the variable: unique and legitimate-appearing identifier.

That is all.”

Angevine and Shivikah try to unfurl and hold their burden aloft. After Sandara hurries to support the center of the mass, this image can be seen:




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