Skull and Shackles: The Athenian Experience

Monthly Earnings Report

Good Times on the Rock

Total From Selling, and repurchasing equipment for the new Ship" the hate boat = 10,000gp

total share is 2000gp each

Brines Sting – Drakkar

Brooch shark deep platinum – *Stew?
Plunder earned = 30
Plunder spent = 6
Total plunder 38

“The Ships”

The Hate Boat

Galley = Crew 179 – Biff has to row sometimes

Ship Improvements
Magic Helm – Double Hardness
Magic Sails – Double Hardness

Broad Rudder +1 Sailing
Rapid Deploy Sails = +1 Sailing

Ships Boat w/Glass Bottom
Figurehead All about the awesome

Rosie’s Promise
Sailing Ship = Crew 20

50 healers kits
50 potions of cure light
4 wands CLW 11, 27, 33,38 charges
10 scrolls lesser restoration
5 scrolls remove disease
Wand of Diagnose disease
50 alchemist’s kindness
19 anti toxin
20 anti plague
20 soothe syrup

total crew equipment:
current gold value = 18500
Cruel spiked gauntlet
Mw spiked gauntlet
Buoyant breastplate
2 MW Lances
2 Full Plate
2 MW cold iron longswords
Keen Punching Dagger
4 MW rapier
4 MW chain shirts
+1 Morning Star
MW hand axe
2 MW heavy underwater crossbow
12 mw boarding axes
12 mw cutlasses



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