The Man's Promise

The Man's Promise is a Rahadoumi merchantman, recently captured by the pirateBarnabas Harrigan of the Wormwood. She suffered a fair bit of battle damage, but is still seaworthy. Harrigan has assigned his first mate, Mr. Plugg, to command the prize crew.


Sailing Ship: Colossal (30′ × 90′) Market Price: 10,000 GP

AC: 2 Hardness: 5
HP: 1,620 (sails: 360)
Base Save: +6

Maximum Speed: 90’ (wind) Acceleration: 30’
CMB: +8 CMD: 18
Ramming Damage: 8d8

Propulsion: wind or current
Sailing Check: Profession (sailor)
Control Device: steering wheel
Means of Propulsion: 90 squares of sail (three masts)
Crew: 20
Decks: 2
Cargo/Passengers: 150 tons/120 passengers

The Man's Promise

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