General Game Rules

Please keep your characters updated on the website using the "Pathfinder RPG Universal Character Sheet" template.

Character Creation:  
* 20 Point-Buy Method
* Any Paizo race, subject to GM approval

* Any Paizo class, archetype, feat, trait, etc.; GM reserves the right to veto or amend specific items

* We will be using the Background Skills rules from Pathfinder Unchained

* We will be using the Fractional Base Bonuses rules from Pathfinder Unchained
* 1 Campaign Trait selected from the Skulls and Shackles Player's Guide, and 1 other trait subject to GM approval.
** Replacement characters will select one trait from the book but can come up with a slightly different reasoning for the bonuses.

* Movement: Diagonal movement always costs 1 square of movement.
* Invisibility: A creature that cannot be seen by an opponent can benefit from flanking bonuses, but cannot grant them.
* Spell Effects: Spell effects do not end when the caster falls unconscious or dies.  They continue for full duration and cannot be dismissed in such a condition.

Restricted Classes:
* Paladins: Paladins are banned from this campaign.  The themes of this campaign do not align with a paladin's code of conduct.

Restricted Feats
* Leadership: This feat is banned, but there will be plenty of opportunities to gain friends, allies, and minions through play.

* Firearms: This campaign uses the "Emerging Guns" setting for firearms.  Advanced firearms may exist, but they must be found and cannot be purchased or crafted.

General Game Rules

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