Skull and Shackles: The Athenian Experience

_Then they'll let me in..._


Promise of Crabs
Autonomous Collective of the S.S. Unknown


Date: G.A.R. 4712 – Gozran 12

Requested By: Surgicarpenter M.D. Angevine Remade

Suite/Room: Sick Bay 2

Description of Needs: Magical Tattoo of the Manta Ray, Shoulder Slot, Festive Colors

See attached submission for “Real Pirate Tattoo”

Justification: Unit denied entry to dockside public houses because “only real pirates with real pirate tattoos are allowed in here.” Optimization protocols indicate that aesthetic modifications shall only be permitted if primary functional nature can be proven. Bonuses to Natural Armor and Underwater Mobility will provide much-needed safeguards, thus doubly functional.

Contractor Name: Mahealani Fiatoa

Account to be Charged: 3600 gp

Estimated Cost Amount: 7200 gp, market

Supervisor Approval: Drakkar Noir (sign here)

VP of Administration Approval: Stuart Crabclaw (sign here)

Work Completed By: Mahealani Fiatoa (sign here on completion)

Return Completed Form to Administrative Services
Rev 5.01.27b6t

Pirating Optimization Report #2
Definitely DO NOT do this...


Step 3.

Total Gold from all things sold = 5500 per PC

Magic Items distributed:
2 scrolls of haste(1 used) = Angevine
1 potion of cat’s grace = ?

“The Ships”

Ship of the Unknown
Warship= Crew 79 – Biff has to row sometimes

Ship Improvements
Magic Helm – Double Hardness
Magic Sails – Double Hardness

Broad Rudder +1 Sailing
Rapid Deploy Sails = +1 Sailing

Ships Boat w/Glass Bottom
Figurehead All about the awesome

Rosie’s Promise
Sailing Ship = Crew 20

50 healers kits
50 potions of cure light
4 wands CLW 11, 27, 33,38 charges
10 scrolls lesser restoration
5 scrolls remove disease
Wand of Diagnose disease
50 alchemist’s kindness
20 anti and anti plague
20 soothe syrup

total crew equipment:
current gold value = 13500
Cruel spiked gauntlet
Mw spiked gauntlet
Buoyant breastplate
2 MW Lances
2 Full Plate
2 MW cold iron longswords
Keen Punching Dagger
4 MW rapier
4 MW chain shirts
+1 Morning Star
MW hand axe
2 MW heavy underwater crossbow

Pirating Optimization Report #1
What Not to Do

Initiate Cruise 1 at Tempest Cay, Drenchport – Ports of Call:
- Downpour
- Drowning Rock (Cruise interrupted for Festival)
- Ngozu (Southernmost Point of Cruise 1– strong antilocal laws – Retreat)
- Little Oppara (Looping back Northerly)
- Shenchu Bay
- Cho-Tzu
- Dahak’s Tooth (Dragon Priest Cultists – Retreat)
- Drowning Rock (Explore murajau-infested shipwreck off of North Coast – Retreat)
- Drenchport
- Downpour (Catoblepas Effluvia untenable – Retreat, Gigas Clams too big – Retreat)
- Ilizmagorti (Establish Favored Port)


Recommendations –
• 50% of targeted locations/raids aborted in Retreat – reduction in Retreat behaviors would increase probability of obtaining Plunder/Profit.
• Don’t stop for Festivals.
• Don’t drink poison water.
• Focus of Cruise was for Plunder and Crew acquisition – crew complement obtained, but no significant Plunder/Profit. Should consider that, without additional “booty,” will have no resources with which to compensate our new recruits.

Stop, Drop. Loot.
We made no money

Magic Items

Physicians Spectacles — Angevine
Navigators eye — Stew

Plunder – Current ammount 15
7 earned, 4 spent

Total Money -* 250 each*

but hey, now we have 80 crew

Ship Improvements purchased

Ships boat with glass bottom.
quick rigging sails

Current money for ship improvements 450

Current Ship Improvements

Magic Helm – Double Hardness
Magic Sails – Double Hardness

Broad Rudder +1 Sailing
Rapid Deploy Sails = +1 Sailing

Ships Boat w/Glass Bottom
Figurehead All about the awesome

The Devil's Pallor - Pre-Squib Schematic
Blueprint Porn for 4ng3v1n3's Subreddit


Loot'em up!

Total current haul in Plunder = 12 (including the amount from selling ship)
1 plunder spent on crew

loot = +1 keen falcata – sold
+1 returning harpoon – sold
+1 bracers of armor – 1 sold, 1 for stew
8 +1 shock bolts – sold

total money each 1100

Ship improvements
Magic Helm – 500
Broad Rudder – 500
Figurehead – 1000
Bribe for Blood Cove – 500

Total Current Ship/Consumable Crafting Funds -4912.5

FRACAS EVENT RECORD - Serial Number: 2017.07.23.1348

The Promise of the Crabs
Vessel Improvements:
1k – 2 Secret Compartments
0.5k – Wide Rudder
2k – Upgrade Crew
6 New Recruits
• Elf, male
• Strix, female – Assigned to Rigging Duty
• Vanara, male
• Human, male – Insists on Designation “Snakey Jake”
• Human, female x 2
0.5k – Figurehead
Christened by: Free Captain Merrill Pegworthy

Stew’s Jungle Encounter
1 New Recruit
• Parrot, male – Designation “Parrot Stew”


Vesskiel Falkirk
Independent Fishing Unit – SCUTTLED
Capt. Elton Bade (Retired)
15 Souls on board at Harvest
3 New Recruits
• Kobold, male – former slave
• Half-elf, female
• Human, female

Aspis Longship/Lugger (1 Light Ballista, 1 Catapult) – SCUTTLED
22 Souls on board at Harvest
6 New Recruits
• Human, gender fluid x 6

Famished Main
Chellish Cutter (Sturdy Hull, 4 Ballistae, Minor Damage to Sails) – ACQUIRED
14 Souls on board at Harvest

Oral Histories Logged:
. Bonefist, Hurricane King of Port Peril
. Liet Murks, “The Lost Merchant” – may or may not have mechanical toucan unit
. Fellhope Fishkill – Merfolk, cursed?
. Whalebone Pilk – whale-slaughterer, whale bell warning
. Oasis of Calm Winds (Rahadoum) – may be home to Magic Spyglass of Fair Weather Prediction
. Magnum Stormeyes (Tidewater Rock/Windward Isle) – castle of fame and fortune
. Iron Burt Smithy – disappeared 10 years ago
. Chiminey Ebbs – scuba suit armor

Roranet of Blue Buzzard – lost ship in Tempest Cay whie carrying treasure payload
Evidence: Clams collected in Tempest Estuary reported to contain loot, infrequently


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